The roof is often not thought about until it starts to leak. But water is not the only thing that can leak through a roof. Another thing that leaks through is heat. Without proper roof insulation in place, this will continue to happen.

Furthermore, without adequate roof insulation Johannesburg, it will cost you a lot more to heat up and cool down a house or a building. Take a look at the diagram on the left. There are a couple of “weak” spots you need to insulate to prevent heat from entering or escaping your home.

roof insulation johannesburg

A home that has been recently insulated will demand a higher resale value. It can be one of those upgrades that help increase the saleability of a home.

Many people who buy a home would rather know that they have insulation in the roof than find out during a cold winter.


Roof Insulation South Africa


There are many different roof insulation products available in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg to choose from. Some of them are not SANS 10400-XA compliant. Make sure to use the name brand products. Always check the R-value and density of the roof insulation materials before you buy a product. Substandard products will be disappointing at best.

hot and cold roof insulationRoofing Insulation In Winter – Having your home insulated will keep the warmth you generate from heaters and fireplaces inside. Heat rises it’s just a known fact, and if it doesn’t meet any resistance on its trip upwards, it’s just not going to stay around and keep the house warm. Having a roof insulated or reinsulated can help keep heating costs down by keeping the heat in the home during the winter months.

Roofing Insulation In Summer – Heat is not only a winter concern when it comes to insulating your home. During the summer months, the sun beats down on our roofs causing it to heat up. When the roof starts getting hot, and there is not a proper barrier, the heat will radiate down into the house. Having fibreglass or polyester insulation installed can help to control cooling costs during the summer months by keeping the heat out.

Acoustic Insulation and Soundproofing


Aerolite insulation in a roof will help to cut down on outside noise. It has exceptional acoustic properties and will dampen all external noises. Many people enjoy hearing the rainfall on the roof. However, the sound rain makes on a tin roof without insulation is far from pleasant. What might have sounded soothing is now something that can wake you up and make it difficult to go back to sleep.

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Roof Insulation Materials and Moisture


In addition to keeping household heat in and outside heat and noise out, it can keep moisture out. Fibreglass roof insulation Johannesburg and Pretoria can help keep the moisture that builds up from humidity in check. This moisture can cause mildew, having mildew can increase the chances of wood rotting. Mildew also can cause mould, and the troubles that can go along with mould are many.

Roofing Insulation Decreases Power Consumption


In short, whether the home is new or been around for a while having roof insulation Johannesburg installed is a benefit that all homeowners and renters can enjoy and benefit from. Holding the heat in during the winter and keeping the hot air out in the summer can have a definite effect on the utility bill. In a lot of cases replacing old roof insulation Pretoria and Johannesburg will pay for itself in utility bill savings in a relatively short time frame.

Gaps in Roof Insulation Materials


Gaps need to be avoided when installing all types of insulation. Small gaps in the product can greatly decrease the insulating value. The insulation materials need to be overlapped and fit snugly. No gaps are to be left around pipe and ducts. Holes and joins in reflective materials need to be taped up properly and sealed. Make sure that in the corners of ceilings, floors and walls are insulated properly. A large amount of heat can be leaked from these areas if the insulation is not installed properly.

roof-insulation-think-pink-aeroliteMinimum clearances need to be left around all hot objects. This applies to downlights and transformers, for safety reasons. As they can overheat and cause a problem. Make sure there is sufficient space left in the insulation around these lights.

When installing wall insulation, it must fit snugly into window and door frames. As a matter of fact, in really cold areas, metal frames should have thermal breaks to reduce heat loss around glazing. Internal walls between the house and spaces such as garages need to be insulated properly.

Bulk Roof Insulation Products


Bulk products must not be compressed once installed. This will reduce its ability to insulate properly. It will, however, increase the acoustic value of the material. Make sure the product has sufficient space to retain its full thickness. The best bulk materials on the market are aerolite, isotherm, Knauf and Granric. You can also combine bulk products like aerolite and isotherm with reflective foil to enhance the insulating performance. Moreover, it will increase the roof insulation price South Africa when doing so.

Bulk vs Reflective


Reflective and bulk insulation are often combined into a single roll form product. Additionally, this increases the insulating properties of the product on its own. Fibreglass like aerolite combined with a reflective foil is called factorylite. Polyester like isotherm combined with a reflective foil is called isofoil.

Moisture should be kept away from bulk insulation, or you will get a decreased performance from the material. Make sure to use vapour barriers such as sisalation and spunsulation where condensation may occur. This will help to minimize a decrease in the materials R-value.

DO NOT use loose-fill insulation materials in ceilings or roof spaces with a 25-degree slope or more. It can’t maintain its thickness on angles. Roll form insulation is the best route to go here. Keep the density of the material consistent and not reduce the R-value. Please note that loose-fill insulation will settle by 25% over a period of time.

Roof Insulation Prices South Africa


Depending on the product and thickness you want to have installed, the roof insulation prices Johannesburg may vary. Consider whether you would prefer fibreglass, polyester or cellulose products installed.

If you are handy and would prefer to install the material as a DIY project, consider using polyester. As a matter of fact, it’s none itch and people-friendly. Making it much easier to work with. The polyester roof insulation price Pretoria is slightly higher than the fibreglass materials.

Roof Insulation Installers


Choosing roof insulation installers Johannesburg can be difficult. There are many different products and installers for each product. Accredited insulation installers are the best to use. They will be covered with insurance in case anything were to go wrong while installing the product. Using the correct thickness for your climatic region is also important. It assures that you are installing a product that has been recommended. Specifically for your climatic region.