Spunsulation has a range of radiant barrier products used for all sectors of the building industry, that use foils in roofing and walling with reflective properties. It is made from a non-woven polypropylene spunbond membrane which is laminated to a reflective aluminium sheet. This creates a technologically advanced high performing product (radiant barrier). Radiant barriers provide the normal functions of plastic underlay in your roof, with the added benefit of being a reflective insulation material. This reduces energy consumption and adds to the indoor comfort.

Radiant barriers (spunsulation) are typically installed in homes, to reduce cooling costs and summer heat gain. The barriers do not absorb radiant heat, they consist of a highly reflective material that reflects heat. They don’t reduce heat like bulk thermal insulations.


Reasons to choose Spunsulation: 



  • Prevents heat penetration and stops heat build up
  • Works well under roof tiles as water vapour barrier
  • Enhances industrial insulation’s performance
  • Spunsulation is Non-Toxic
  • Does not attract rodents
  • Has no fibres
  • Safe to install – easy to install
  • Dust penetration is reduced in your roof


Vapour Barriers (Spunsulation)


Spunsulation reflective foils are excellent as a vapour barrier. Use Spunsulation vapour barriers to protect from condensation:

  •  In warm tropical climates with high humidity
  •  In cooler climates where the outdoor and indoor temperature is significantly different
  •  Where a roof has a low ventilation rate, example raked ceilings or cathedrals
  •  In roofs where vapour is not exhausted but high amounts of vapour is generated
  • Underneath metal roofing, because it is likely that condensation will occur and corrosion


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