Sisalation is an aluminum foil reinforced insulation material. It is a craft paper, aluminum foil, synthetic fiber and polyethylene lamination. Often used in schools, warehouses, commercial and residential dwellings and hospitals. It reduces heat loss in winter and reduces heat gain in summer. When sisalation is used under tiles it acts as a waterproofing membrane. It is highly reflective. It will enhance lighting in a building when installed as an exposed internal roof lining.

To a certain degree, dust will eventually affect the insulating abilities of foils. All insulating foils are affected by dust over long periods of time. In the case of sisalation the foil at the bottom will continue to provide effective insulation when adjacent to an air gap.



Reasons to choose Sisalation:


  • Protects your roof from heat penetration
  • Stops heat build up
  • Works well under roof tiles as water vapour barrier
  • Enhances industrial insulation’s performance
  • Sisalation is Non Toxic
  • Does not attract rodents
  • Has no fibres
  • Safe to install – easy to install
  • Dust penetration is reduced in your roof


S.A.B.S approved reflective foil


Tested by the SABS and NBRI for heat transmittance (‘U’ values) for thermal insulation, and by the SABS and Fire lab for fire indices. Sisalation, manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 remains an industry leader and is the first reflective foil insulation product to be awarded the SABS mark of quality.

Sisalation Product Range


  • Sisalation FR430 – Fire retardant industrial heavy grade reflective foil
  • Sisalation FR405 – Fire retardant light industrial grade reflective foil
  • Sisalation 420 – Industrial heavy grade reflective foil
  • Sisalation 405 – Multi-purpose grade reflective foil


Roll Size


  • 1250mm x 40lm (50m²).
  • Effective coverage including 150mm overlap (44m2)

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Roll Mass


  • Grade FR430 – 13.8kg
  • Grade FR405 – 9.6kg
  • Grade 420 – 15kg
  • Grade 405 – 8,6kg

Vapour barriers


Sisalation reflective foils are excellent as a vapour barrier. Use Sisalation vapour barriers to protect from condensation:

  • In warm tropical climates with high humidity
  • In cooler climates where the outdoor and indoor temperature is significantly different
  • Where a roof has a low ventilation rate, example raked ceilings or cathedrals
  • In roofs where vapour is not exhausted but high amounts of vapour is generated
  • Underneath metal roofing, because it is likely that condensation will occur and corrosion


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