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Why Should You Insulate With Aerolite?

Aerolite insulation is non-combustible and does not burn! It has excellent acoustic and thermal properties. Does not require any maintenance in your roof and lasts up to 50 years. Having it installed reduces energy consumption, which reduces your power bill and puts money back in your pocket. It gives you lifelong energy savings. Think Pink Aerolite Insulation is lightweight and it is safe to apply and install. It is SABS approved ceiling insulation and reduces heat penetration by up to 87%. Aerolite is guaranteed for 30 years. It keeps the temperature in your home constant all year round and is an eco–friendly product. It does not attract vermin in anyway. We have aerolite installers in Durban, Gauteng and Pretoria. Use insulation to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Aerolite insulation has been around for over 70 years and is the most tried and tested ceiling insulation on the market.

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