Over the years, insulation products and materials in South Africa has become quite a big deal. Mainly due to high electricity prices. As power bills continue to rise, homeowners seek ways to save money. Having your home properly insulated can have a massive effect on monthly utility bills around the country.

Local insulation materials suppliers and installers will be able to advise you on which products you should be using for your climatic region. It’s best to follow the guidelines as closely as possible. It helps to maximise¬†energy efficiency for your region.

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Insulation Products Reduce Power Consumption


Reduce your power consumption by having your home or office insulated. When you install insulation materials, you don’t get drastic changes in the temperature inside your home. It keeps the temperature consistent throughout the year. This puts less strain on your heating and cooling devices. Additionally saving you money! As a matter of fact, you can save up to 30% on your heating and cooling bills.

Insulating Buildings



Having the correct ceiling insulation installed in your building is an important factor when trying to meet thermal comfort. Furthermore, it decreases the high energy demands of a building and reduces heat gains or losses.

R-value is the measurement of the insulation products ability to restrict heat flow. Furthermore, all high-quality products will have a high R-value.

The old building laws in South Africa have recently been changed. All new buildings need to have material installed that meets the climatic region needs.

Heating and cooling devices in buildings fight to keep the temperature steady without the proper insulation material installed. Increasing your power consumption.

Correctly Installed Insulation Products


  • Save money on energy consumption with roof insulation
  • Keep the temperature consistent throughout your home
  • No recurring costs, insulation does not need maintenance
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Soundproofing¬†to a certain degree


Insulation Materials For Soundproofing


insulation products

There are many different insulation products that can be used for soundproofing. As a matter of fact, insulation is great at stopping noise from entering and exiting a building. Thus making the environment less noisy.

Commercial organisations regularly use insulation materials for soundproofing. Schools, restaurants, medicinal services offices and even cubical spaces use these materials to cut noise levels for their customers.

For optimal energy efficiency, insulate your home properly. Starting from the roof to its floors. Think about dampness and air spillage. Control in all aspects of your house.

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