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Power Consumption

Reduce your power utilization by having your home or office properly insulated with roof insulation. When you install ceiling insulation you don’t get drastic additions and misfortunes in temperature in your home. It keeps the temperature steady lasting through the year.

We have installers installing in your area now. We service the entire Gauteng (JHB), Centurion and Pretoria area and the entire Durban (KZN) area. Gauteng (JHB) and Pretoria requires the 135mm think pink aerolite or 145mm isotherm ceiling insulation installed. Durban (KZN) requires the 100mm think pink or 100mm isotherm ceiling insulation installed.

Insulating Buildings

Having the correct material installed in your building is an important factor when trying to attain thermal comfort for the inhabitants. It decreases the high energy requests of the building and reduces heat pick up or misfortune. Ceiling insulation is measured by the R-value of the product.

R-value is the insulation products capability to resist warm move through product. The old building laws in South Africa have recently been adapted. All new buildings need to have material installed that meets your climatic region requirement. Warming and cooling frameworks in buildings fight to keep the temperature steady without the proper material installed. Increasing your power utilization.

The point when insulated correctly, a building: insulation-roof-ceiling-aerolite

  • Saves money on energy consumption
  • Keeps the temperature consistent throughout your work place
  • Has less recurring costs, insulation does not require any support
  • Reduces its carbon footprint


There are numerous forms of insulation that can reduce noise and vibration, originating from both inside a building and outside. Thusly making the environment more comfortable. Commercial organizations regularly utilize insulation for soundproofing. Schools, restaurants, medicinal services offices and even cubical spaces at the workplace utilize insulation to reduce noise levels for their customers.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency

For optimal energy efficiency, your home ought to be legitimately protected starting from the roof to its establishment. Notwithstanding insulation, think about dampness and air spillage control in all aspects of your house. Read more on insulation types here.

Storage Room Insulation soundproofing-insulation-think-pink-aerolite

Aerolite or Isotherm insulation is ordinarily instated in a loft. See increasingly on distinctive sorts of insulation. When protecting, seal any air spills and make top and other indispensible repairs. Provided that it is spotted in an adapted part of the house, additionally recollect to isolate and air seal your storage room access.

Encase and air seal any dividers – vertical dividers with upper room space straight behind them – in your home too. What’s more, in the event that you’re building another home or remodelling, determine any upper room decking that gives extra space or a stage for a warming or cooling unit or boiling hot water tank is raised above the ceiling joists to leave space for satisfactory insulation. At long last, provided that you live in a hot or warm atmosphere, think about introducing a brilliant boundary in your storage room to lessen summer hotness pick up.

Duct Insulation

In the event that the ducts in your home are in unconditioned space, seal and protect them. Provided that you’re building another house, put ducts in the adapted space to evade the energy misfortunes connected with most duct frameworks.

Cathedral Ceiling Insulation

Fittingly separating ceilings will permit ceiling temperatures to remain closer to room temperatures, furnishing an even temperature conveyance all through the house. High ceilings should give space between the top deck and home’s ceiling for sufficient insulation and ventilation.

Foil-confronted insulation is frequently utilized within high ceilings in light of the fact that it gives the penetrability rating regularly needed for utilization in ceilings without upper rooms. Think about utilizing high-thickness fiberglass insulation.

Exterior Wall Insulation

Provided that you’re remodelling and your divider holes will be open, research roll structure insulation like think pink aerolite or isotherm insulation choices, particularly assuming that you’ll be doing the work yourself.

Provided that you’re building an accepted encircled house, think about utilizing propelled divider confining strategies. These systems enhance the entire divider R-value by decreasing warm spanning and boosting the protected divider range. Additionally think about utilizing glassfiber products within your dividers. Secures against build up within divider by keeping the inner part of the divider hotter.

Basement Insulation basement-insulation-wall-soundproofing-material

A fittingly separated storage room can spare you cash on warming and furnish a dry, open to living space. As a rule of thumb, a basement with insulation introduced on its outside dividers ought to be acknowledged an adapted space.

In a house with an unconditioned basement level, the basement is more associated with other spaces than the outside and  makes basement divider insulation ideal for ceiling insulation.

  • in new construction, including insulation the outside of the cellar dividers will:
  • minimize warm areas and diminish warm misfortune through the establishment.
  • protect the clammy covering from harm throughout inlaying.
  • provide some assurance against dampness
  • protect the establishment from the impacts of the stop defrost cycle in amazing atmospheres.
  • reduce the potential for build-up on surfaces in the basement.
  • conserve room range, in respect to commissioning insulation on the inside.

In an existing home, adding insulation to the outer surface of the basement dividers is illogical. Inside basement dividers, insulation has the accompanying favourable circumstances:

  • it is a great deal less exorbitant to commission than outside insulation for existing edifices.
  • it disposes of the danger of creepy crawly infestation.
  • it disconnects the living space from the cooler earth more successfully than when outer surface insulation strategies.
  • here are some things to think about when establishing inside basement divider insulation:
  • interior insulation lessens usable inside space by a couple of inches.
  • if edge seepage is poor, the insulation might get immersed by dampness sobbing through establishment dividers.
  • superior air-fixing portions and vapor dissemination retarders are significant for sufficient execution.
  • to verify fitting R-values for basement dividers in your general vicinity, utilize these R-value suggestions. At that point pick the sort of insulation:
  • blanket (batt and move) insulation
  • insulating solid squares (new construction)
  • insulating solid structures (new construction)
  • aerolite or isotherm insulation (exceptional decision for finalized basement)
  • Dampness control is especially vital for basements, in light of the fact that they are infamous for issues with water interruption, mugginess, and mold.

Crawl Space Insulation

How you isolate a crawlspace hinges on upon if its ventilated or unventilated. Most construction regulations require vents to help in uprooting dampness from the crawlspace. Notwithstanding, numerous building experts now distinguish that building an unventilated crawlspace (or shutting vents after the crawlspace dries out emulating construction) is the best alternative in homes utilizing legitimate dampness control and outside seepage strategies.

Provided that you have or will have an unventilated crawlspace, the best approach is to seal and separate the establishment dividers as opposed to the carpet between the crawlspace and the house. This procedure has the point of interest of continuing channelling and ductwork inside the molded volume of the house so these building segments don’t require insulation for energy efficiency or security against solidifying. The downside of this methodology is that rodents, bugs, or water can harm the insulation and the crawlspace must be manufactured impermeable and the air obstruction upheld. It’s best to place the right to gain entrance avenue to the crawlspace inside the home through the sub-floor. You can give us a call for roof insulation Centurion.