Whirlybirds are helicopter-like machines mechanically powered by a vent that recycles air upwards and through to the outside of the house. They can also be called roof ventilation systems, which make for easier understanding of their function.

Some other people call it a turbine vent because they are shaped in the manner of a turbine. Whirlybirds work very well with roof insulation products. The ceiling insulation stops the heat from entering your home through the ceiling, and the whirlybird extracts the heat out your roof.


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Why opt for a whirlybird?


Truth is, whirlybirds are designed as an alternative to a better ventilation system primarily for small households. They are cylindrical in shape and are fitted onto the roof of the house to achieve this purpose. The working principle is such that the fins attached to the machine are activated to spin by the action of the wind or the turbine, creating a kind of vacuum while it sucks up used air out of the house. Hence, there are two basic types of the whirlybirds- those powered by wind and those that are permanently powered by a turbine. The one that uses wind is considered passive while the turbine-powered one is referred to as active. How effective is the work of the whirlybird someone might ask?

Whirlybirds roof ventilation



First, more people prefer the turbine-type one for more effective roof ventilation. Howbeit, this option brings the challenge of contending with a little bit of noise coming from the machine around the home. It must be said, however, that the general effectiveness of whirlybirds is dependent on the type of house or building. This goes to say that the smaller the house, the more effective whirlybirds are.

Another thing is that a few other people use whirlybirds to augment for the function of the first roof ventilation system. Where there has been a better powered system for ventilation, some people can use them to complement for the work so as to maximise the whole roof ventilation process.

One thing, though, is the fact that they are generally made from galvanised aluminium that makes them better suited to combat the effects of corrosion. So, prospective users can be sure of durability with this product. There is absolutely no fear of wear and tear that comes with time. Get the price of roof air extractors.


Whirlybirds – Effective circulation


Whirlybirds are also generally cheap and fairly easy to install without any technical knowledge needed. So, if you are looking for a cheap affordable roof ventilation system that is easy to install and managed for your homes, offices, or other building parts of the building premises that need effective circulation of air, you can opt in for whirlybirds.

Perhaps, you already have a more advanced roof ventilation system like the use of the ridge vents or soffit vent and you seek for complementing their functional work, whirlybirds might be a better addition to this composition.

Surely, whirlybirds, turbine vents, or whatever you call it, does have their benefits in keeping effective ventilation around your building.