Factorylite installed in Unisa Library Durban

The Unisa Library in Durban is around 1400m2 in size. Home Insulations got the contract to install 50mm factorylite throughout the library. They have been going some upgrading in the library itself and the old insulation was disturbed and the library was extremely hot inside. The students were battling to maintain focus in all that heat. We do many retrofit contract jobs for builders and architects, this was one of them.

Getting Started – Unisa Library

This was not a typical insulation job where the ceiling insulation gets rolled out between the beams. There were no beams to stand on. It was a suspended ceiling with no beams and the material had to follow the contour of the roof. All this needed to be done while the Unisa library was in use by the student which made the installation more complicated. We had to clear out areas below the places we were working, and work one section at a time.

Installing the Factorylite – Unisa Library

The factorylite needs to be wired up in order to stay in place. It also needs to look neat on completion, so making sure all the wires are evenly spaced apart is important for a uniform look. Once all the wires are installed and hanging loosely, the factorylite is fed in from one side, though all the wires to the other end. Only after all the factorylite is secure and in place though all the wires, can you start the tightening process. Wires get pulled from the one side securing the factorylite in place, and we do this one line at a time, always making sure the material between is pulled tight between each wire set for a neat and professional finish.

Completing Unisa Library in Durban

We are ceiling insulation specialists so this installation was no problem for our team. There are not many companies in South Africa that can pull off a retrofit roof insulation job like this, in the short time limit we had to do it in. Working with this material without beams is a difficult task, especially since the Unisa library had to be open for students to use while we were doing it.

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