Sound will be absorbed by converting sound wave vibrations into heat energy. Fibrous insulation like think pink aerolite is definitely the best insulation for soundproofing, because the strands absorb the vibrations, creating heat in exchange. It’s like using an area rug on tiled or hardwood floors, it tames down the noise. Thick curtains have been known to reduce sound volumes by around 10 decibels, when placed strategically.


Think Pink Aerolite – Soundproofing

Think pink aerolite being installed in your ceiling will dampen the noise from your TV in your lounge and you will not hear it as much in your bedrooms. It even helps with the traffic noise from outside, making your living area inside quiet in comparison. It’s as if before you installed aerolite you were living in a noisy restaurant with sound waves bouncing all over the room creating an echo. With think pink aerolite installed your home is quiet and peaceful. Both think pink aerolite and isotherm ceiling insulation have excellent thermal and acoustic properties, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter and saving you money on your electricity bill at the end of the month by reducing your energy consumption. Think pink aerolite and isotherm ceiling insulation are both Eco-friendly.



Roof insulation will help maintain a comfortable living environment at home or in your office while reduce electricity usage. Save money and stay comfortable with aerolite or isotherm roof insulation. Start thinking green!