Getting good quality insulation installed at home can be an economical solution when it comes to heating and cooling. Aerolite insulation can save money on your electricity bills. It’s the perfect solution for temperature control and for saving money. With think pink aerolite, you can have the best of all worlds and still stay in a comfortable indoor climate any time of the year.

Aerolite Insulation for all Seasons


aerolite insulationThe temperature outside has a direct effect on the temperature inside. If it’s cold outside and you don’t have insulation at all or you have poor quality insulation, you’re pretty much in over your head.

You can control how it feels indoors when you have good quality materials installed. This will keep your home or business comfortable and your electricity bill way down. You’ll have a much more comfortable environment to live or work in.


Think Pink Aerolite Insulation Zones


Depending on the environment outside your home or business, you may need thicker or thinner insulation. You’re probably thinking that it’s all standard but it’s not. You can’t have thin insulation if you live in the freezing cold climatic zone where there’s ice all around. Generally, the thicker the insulation the better but South Africa has been divided into climatic zones that let you know what thickness you should be using as a minimum. It has to be just right when you have Aerolite insulation installed. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, it’s best to play safe and not tamper with it. Let a professional installer handle it.


No Asbestos in Aerolite Insulation


pink aeroliteThis type of insulating material is reasonably safe because it doesn’t have any asbestos in it that can harm your health. The product is made from glass and sand so it’s safe for you (provided you wear a dust mask while working with it) as well as the environment. You can also read up on isotherm as an alternative to fibreglass which is chemical and dust free as well as a non-allergic product.

Having your home professionally insulated is a great way to go green too. The quality of Aerolite fibreglass is very good and it’s one of the preferred product by many installers. You won’t have to invest in new insulation for at least 50 years. That’s how good it is.


Very Little Noise Pollution with Think Pink Aerolite


With this type of installation, you won’t be annoyed with noise outside that can tamper with your concentration or even bother a little child that’s sleeping.  Aerolite can keep noise away from your corporate or home environment so this is an extra comfort for you. Even if your next door neighbour has the music blasting outside and lots of people over, it will dampen the sound levels.


Fiberglass Insulation: The Retrofit Concept


This is the best way to save on your electricity bill and significantly reduce your heating and cooling cost. You can get installers that can do any type of retrofit insulation such as with factorylite, isofoil and other reflective foils.


Aerolite Fiberglass Insulation Won’t Go Up in Flames


The reason why it’s preferred by so many installers is that it won’t catch on fire no matter how bad the situation is. It can be used anywhere like roofing, ovens, furnaces and more without worrying about it catching on fire regardless of how high the temperature is in and around the property.


What are the Benefits of Aerolite Insulation?


  • The most important reason to invest in Aerolite is that you can cut down your electricity bill because you can keep heat and cool air locked in and you won’t need as much energy.
  • There isn’t any danger of flames or burning because it’s durable and non-combustible.
  • When you invest in Aerolite Insulation, you’re backed by a 30-year warranty
  • You won’t have to keep investing in installation or materials because Aerolite materials last for up to or more than 50 years.
  • No maintenance of the insulation is necessary. Just get it installed and never worry about it again.
  • You won’t attract any type of animal with good quality insulation that’s hard to gnaw through. Keep out rats, squirrels, mice and anything else you can think of.
  • Reduce the amount of hot or cold air that blows through your vents. This will prove to you just how much less energy you use and need.
  • Though the material is high quality, it’s very light. Don’t let this fool you.  It’s still durable regardless of being lightweight.
  • You can stay cool in the summer and cosy and warm in the winter.


How Much Does Aerolite Cost?


The cost isn’t set in stone and will depend on the installer as well as other aspects. Not all installers are local so travel costs also need to be considered. The Think Pink Aerolite cost and price will also vary.  Some installation specialists will get a discounted price depending on how much they buy from the manufacturer.

Bigger outfitters will get a discount price for higher volumes. The amount of space you have and also how challenging the work may be will also play a part in the cost. Don’t forget there are also South African building laws that are set forth too.


Hiring an Aerolite Insulation Installer


Now that you’ve decided to buy Think Pink Aerolite insulation, you need a good installer to install it for you. I’m sure you already know that the price will depend on the amount of space that needs to be covered. You need to compare prices before you make a commitment to hire someone and you shouldn’t go with the cheapest price.

This may come with risks when it comes to getting your Aerolite insulation installation done. Only work with an installer that is covered by insurance in case of any damage. Contact one of our specialists in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or Western Cape and find out more information about getting your home insulated today.

Think Pink Aerolite Insulation – Climate Control When You Need It


Find an installation specialist that has many years of experience and also check references for other jobs that were done. This can tell you a lot about how they manage service and how good they are. If you find anything negative, move on.

Get a quote first in writing to protect yourself from unexpected charges later. A little bit of homework can save you from a severe headache later on after the job is complete. Time is money and energy so taking a little bit of time now will save you time in the long run.

Contact one of our specialists in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or Western Cape and find out more information about getting your home insulated today.