Insulation Gazette

There is a new ceiling insulation gazette, it is now law that all new houses build have to be installed with ceiling insulation. Not just any ceiling insulation, but insulation that meets the required standards, meaning it must be a certain thickness and reach a certain r-value. Read more on this topic on our SANS 10400-XA page. Since the new ceiling insulation gazette, we have been installing think pink aerolite and isotherm ceiling insulation into houses as they are being built, so home-owners will have it installed before they move in and the house is more energy efficient. The new ceiling insulation gazette helps keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter and cuts down electricity costs, saving you money and saving the environment.

Leading Ceiling Insulation Gazette

Aerolite and Isotherm ceiling insulation are the two leading bulk insulation’s on the market. The problem with blow in insulation, is you cant maintain a thickness like you can with ceiling insulation in a roll form. If the wind picks up it can move the blow-in insulation around in you roof changing the thickness of it in areas and therefore losing its effectiveness.




Roof insulation will help maintain a comfortable living environment at home or in your office while reduce electricity usage. Save money and stay comfortable with aerolite or isotherm roof insulation. Start thinking green!