We went inland today installing roof insulation in a couple of houses in PMB, Howick and one in Mooiriver. Think pink aerolite was used in all the homes we insulated today.

The first house we insulated with roof insulation, had quiet a few downlights, which is nothing new for us. When installing roof insulation in a house with downlights, we need to make sure that we cut holes around the lights in order for the heat to escape. We have taken some before and after photos of the roof insulation installed.


After Installing Roof Insulation

This house was 185m2, and we managed to complete the roof insulation in around 1h45m. We installed a geyser blanket (FREE OF CHARGE), all our customers get a free geyser blanket if we install think pink aerolite or isotherm roof insulation in a house 100m2 or more. All the downlights had circles cut around them for the heat to escape, this is important when installing roof insulation because downlights and transformers tend to get warm. The customers were very happy with the installations and our service. Another insulation well done by Home Insulations. Have a look at some of the photos from after installing aerolite roof insulation.




Roof insulation will help maintain a comfortable living environment at home or in your office while reduce electricity usage. Save money and stay comfortable with aerolite or isotherm roof insulation. Start thinking green!