Homes and buildings in South Africa are the most poorly insulated in the world at the moment. The new SANS building laws are in the process of changing the energy saving techniques. Most houses and building are wasting up to a third of its energy through poorly insulated roofs, walls and glass. South Africa is wasting so much energy, when we should be doing everything we can to reduce our carbon foot print that is negatively impacting our world’s environment.

Ceiling Insulation – Energy Saving Improvements

We offer a range of insulation products to help save energy consumption for your home or office. If you have a draughty or cold home in winter, your home is very poorly insulated. Running a heater won’t do much except run up your power bill. Remember hot air rises and if you don’t have ceiling insulation installed to retain the heat, it will just escape through the thin rhino board ceilings before it gets a chance to warm up your rooms.

It works the same in summer, heat builds up in your roof very quickly and get forced down through the thin rhino board ceiling and into your home making it unbearable. There is no need to run up your power bill with and air-con units, just use think pink aerolite or isotherm ceiling insulation to counter this problem.

Solar Shield Window Film – Energy Saving Improvements

Ceiling insulation and well insulated glass windows go hand in hand. When you think of solar tinting you think of a summer time product to block out the solar heat that comes through window. Most people don’t know that solar film works just as well in winter. Your window become thermally insulated and the heat you are generating in your home will not escape through the roof or the windows, keeping it cost inside. Insulation products like aerolite, isotherm and solar film will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and help with your energy saving home. Always use home insulation experts to install your products! Visit for more information.

By using these tips for reducing power usage, you could:

  • Have a warmer or cooler home
  • Reduce power bills
  • Have an energy efficient home
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint
Roof insulation will help maintain a comfortable living environment at home or in your office while reduce electricity usage. Save money and stay comfortable with aerolite or isotherm roof insulation. Start thinking green!