Do it yourself – Think Pink Aerolite

Installing think pink in your ceiling is a reasonably easy DIY project that you can do over a weekend. Having lots of obstacles in your roof could make the DIY aerolite install a bit difficult. That’s where the tricky part comes in, you need to leave all the wires exposed and pull the think pink aerolite under them. Do not just roll the insulation over the beams and wires. The aerolite should fit snugly between the beams.

Measuring the beam width – DIY Aerolite

Depending on what type of roof you have, tiled or corrugated iron, beam width will be different.  Generally corrugated iron roofs have a wider beam distance. You will need to take a roll of insulation and put it across your beam.

You are going to want to cut a little extra to allow for an overlap on each side of the beam, so no gaps are left otherwise you will allow heat to build up and get forced through those gaps. You can use a standard saw to cut the aerolite and cut the roll straight through the plastic wrapping. View our video below “how to cut aerolite”.

Downlights  – DIY Aerolite

When it comes to down lights you need to cut circles around each down light to allow the heat to escape. Make sure you have done this on every down light otherwise you will blow them.

The one excellent advantage to think pink aerolite is that it is 100% non-combustible fiberglass insulation and comes in roll from so there are no loose fill flammable insulation pieces to blow around in your roof and over your down lights on a windy day. Cellulose fiber insulation has been treated with boric acid to achieve a fire retardant status, which lasts around 6 – 12 months before it becomes a highly flammable product.

Off-cut Pieces of Rolls – DIY Aerolite

On average you will use just under a three quarter roll that fits in the beam snugly. You will have just over a quarter roll off cut. Take two offcut pieces of think pink aerolite for the next beam and use the both on the same line, overlapping it in the middle of the beam and on the ends.

This way there is no material wastage. Its very important to make sure there are no gaps in the insulation anywhere otherwise you will defeat the object of having energy efficient ceiling insulation installed in your roof. If you find your roof pitch is too low for you to DIY comfortably in, or there are just to many wires to deal with, rather hire a professional to do the work for you. We have aerolite in Durban, Johannesburg (JHB), Pretoria, Cape Town.