We are the official Aerolite and Isotherm installers in Durban, Gauteng (JHB), Pretoria. Reduce energy loss by up to 35% in your home or office by installing roof insulation! We supply and install industrial, commercial and residential products.

We insulate homes in Durban and Gauteng (JHB) and Pretoria. Insulating factories, homes, offices and schools. Acoustic (soundproofing). Hot water pipe and geyser blankets. Our roof insulation installers are the best in South Africa and we have branches installing insulation countrywide.


Main Product Line: 



Insulation Specialists


We are insulation specialists and the official installers of roof insulation for BRITS and ISOVER in Durban, Gauteng (JHB) and Pretoria, and have our official installer status with both of the suppliers. We have over 25 year’s experience with aerolite insulation and isotherm ceiling insulation and are insulation experts.

Installing roof insulation and other ceiling products is our game, and we have extensive knowledge on our products. We do not focus only on installing one form of insulation, depending on your needs, we can supply and install reflective insulation or bulk insulation.


Fully Insured


FULLY INSURED!!! Home Insulation’s cover the cost of any damage that might take place while installing any of our products at your home or office. You can relax while our qualified team of insulation experts insulate your home or office with the ceiling product of your choice. This is very important when installing aerolite insulation.

Fast and Quality Installations


We know that your time is important, and when you choose an insulation expert, you don’t want to wait around all day for the job to be completed. We can finish 100m2 in under 2 hours. We get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our installers have been with us for many years installing aerolite insulation and isotherm and have experience with all kinds of roofs. Always use an official insulation expert to install your product.

Saving You Money


Aerolite insulation and isotherm ceiling products offer a payback in less than 2 years, and the saving continues thereafter. Ceiling Insulation’s are designed to give you a more comfortable living area and save energy whether it is your home or place of work.

The price of electricity is very high at the moment and we all need to do what we can to maintain a comfortable living environment without running heating and cooling systems all day to regulate the temperature within our homes.

By using a combination of ceiling insulations and solar film on your windows you can create an energy efficient home or building and save money in the long run. Use aerolite insulation or isotherm and start saving money now!

Official Installer Status


aerolite-insulation-full-vehicle-load-insulation-expertsOfficial installer status is very important when selecting insulation experts. Think pink aerolite insulation and isotherm is not easy to install. We are specialized installers, make sure the company you choose have the official installer status and are on the main supplier’s website.

You can only get this status if you have been installing for a certain number of years. We only install ceiling insulation products that are compliant with the sans 10400-xa building laws in South Africa.

Fully Supervised


Home Insulations make sure all our installations of think pink and Isotherm projects are fully supervised from beginning to end. This gives you peace of mind knowing you home is in safe hands with our supervisors, and our installers are not just left on site on their own. Once the roof insulation has been installed we go up and check to make sure no gaps have been left and there are no disturbed wires or covered down lights in your roof.

Aerolite insulation product information


Aerolite insulation is a glassfiber product with thermal and acoustic properties that reduce the amount of power consumption needed to sustain a comfortable living environment. It pays itself off in under two years and continues to save you money thereafter. Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Aerolite insulation is SABS approved and is manufactured according to the ISO 9001 standards. Think Pink aerolite insulation is made from combining natural minerals like silica sand and 80% recycled glass. There are many benefits from having aerolite insulation installed, its non-combustible and will not burn.

It is environmentally friendly, has exceptional soundproofing properties by absorbing sound and saves you money all year round. Aerolite insulation has new fiber technology making it more pleasant to the touch and easier to work with.