Electricity Crisis this winter

South Africans ought to brace themselves for what may be the foremost troublesome winter as electricity provide remains under pressure. Enterprise Minister Malusi Gigaba was talking about it on Saturday.

“We have all got to be worried about this winter season and how we going to make it through with all the heaters running,” Gigaba had said.

He was chatting with residents in Kliptown, where he was pleading with community members to pay for their electricity and to report non-legal connections.

All this was a part of the 49M energy saving campaign that is in place.

Gigaba urged the general public to continue with basic electricity saving habits like turning off geysers between 17:00 and 21:00.

“We got to start changing our behaviour… rather than over use heaters individuals ought to rather use blankets.”

He told residents that with Eskom reaching forty million new connections last year, it meant by 2017, South Africa would have in place additional power stations to satisfy the growing demand.

“We are very confident that we’ll, in partnership with all South Africans and with additional business’s  taking a stand with the partnership, succeed and maintain the lights on till we have managed to get out of this troublesome scenario,” this is what Gigaba said.

He finally asked residents to watch Earth Hour on Saturday, and join in by turning off lights and appliances between the selected time of 20.30 and 21.30.

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