Aerolite Pink Insulation and Isotherm

Having your home insulated is one of the most important things you can do in order to create a more comfortable indoor temperature in your home, without running up massive heating and cooling bills by the end of the month. People often underestimate the importance of having their homes and offices insulated with the right products that are SANS compliant for their climatic region.

aerolite pink insulationOne of the most popular products today is aerolite pink insulation, which has been used widely around the world for many years. In fact for over 70 years, aerolite pink insulation has been the product of choice by most home-owners.

The new kid on the block would be the isotherm eco-friendly recycled polyester insulation that has also become a household name here in South Africa when the subject of having your home insulated comes up. These two products have many great advantages and we will explore some of them below.

Advantages of aerolite pink insulation

There are many advantages to using aerolite pink insulation in your home as roof insulation. It has amazing thermal properties, meaning it does a good job of restricting heat flow that would usually come into your home through your ceiling and make your house extremely uncomfortable during the summer season, and retaining the heat you create in the winter season so that you don’t have to keep the air conditioners and heating systems running right through the night just to keep your family warm. Another advantage of aerolite pink insulation is the fire rating. Being a fiberglass product it has a really high melting point.

Advantages of isotherm recycled polyester

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that isotherm doesn’t have a fire rating. We have noticed the companies who only install aerolite pink insulation often say that isotherm is combustible, which is not true. It just has a slightly higher fire rating. This is actually one of the advantages of isotherm recycled polyester. It might have a slightly lower fire rating, which again does not mean its combustible in any way, but it is 100% people friendly and does not contain fiberglass or loose strands that could possibly be inhaled. In fact you can stick your face directly in the isotherm product and inhale deeply and there would be no problem. If you are working inside your roof for any reason, it is not necessary to wear a dust mask when working with this product.

What is the fire rating of aerolite and isotherm?

  • Aerolite pink insulation has an A class fire rating
  • Isotherm polyester insulation has a B/B1/2 fire rating

As you can see above both products have a fire rating and both are deemed non-combustible during extensive testing. There are many factors to look at when choosing the best insulation for your home. Being the preferred installers of both the products for the manufacturers, we can give you an unbiased option on the two different products, and can help you select the product that best suits your needs.

Disadvantages of fiberglass

While aerolite comes with many good advantages, there are still some disadvantages to the product. Being a fiberglass product, it does help with the fire rating as mentioned above, but at the same time its not a product that should be inhaled. Always make sure you are wearing a dust mask when working in your roof if you have aerolite pink insulation installed.

What is the density of aerolite and isotherm?

This is another important factor to take a look at. The density of a product does play a role in the thermal and acoustic properties of the insulating material. For example, if you were trying to sound proof a room, a bar, or a night club, you would need a product with a much higher density in order to achieve the desired soundproofing results.

  • Aerolite pink insulation has a 10kg density
  • Isotherm polyester insulation has an 11.5kg density

Which thickness should you have installed?

Whether you decide to have the aerolite pink insulation or the isotherm recycled polyester installed, it is extremely important to have the right thickness installed in your home or office building. The new SANS building laws in South Africa have worked out which thickness you need to have installed in your home in order to be SANS compliant. These are not just some rules that have been put in place for no reason, if you decide to go with the thickness that is not recommended for you climatic region, it doesn’t matter which insulating product you decide to go with, you will not reach the required insulting effect you are hoping to achieve.


We hope this article has shed some light on the two best insulation options in South Africa, and hopefully you have enough information to select the product and thickness that best suits your needs. If you are wanting to find out more information on either product, you can give our aerolite installer johannesburg or isotherm johannesburg branch a call or fill out the contact form and we will have on of our knowledgeable staff members get back to you and help walk you through the process of getting your home insulated properly and becoming SANS compliant.

Isotherm Johannesburg

It is the peak of the summer season in Johannesburg and a lot of people are already benefiting from Isotherm insulation. Getting an Isotherm Johannesburg specialist to install insulation to your home can improve its indoor climate all throughout the year.

But still there are people who don’t realise how insulating their home can help during the hot summer months. Some households waste energy because they don’t have insulation or have insulation of poor quality. Always use the best insulation products.

Before you go out and buy an expensive air conditioning unit, contact an Isotherm Johannesburg expert first. They will try to determine the source of the energy problem and provide the best insulation solution. There might be no need to buy an AC unit after installing Isotherm insulation at home.

isotherm-johannesburg-insulation-installers-ceiling-insulation-pretoriaA good layer of Isotherm insulation will help seal the elements that shield the house’s interior from outside factors. These are the foundation, roof and walls. A properly insulated home keeps cool air in when it is hot outside. And during the winter, it prevents warm air from escaping the house. Good insulation maintains comfortable humidity level inside the home all year long.

Isotherm Johannesburg

The hot summer season in Johannesburg has made people turn up their air conditioning. Cool air has a tendency to sink, and this is why it is important to have an Isotherm Johannesburg provider to place insulation in the walls and ceiling to decrease the loss of cool air. It reduces problems with condensation on the home’s ceilings and walls. The insulation controls the amount of heat transfer that that occurs outside the home.

Walls, roofs, and basements have different R-values, which is the measurement of the insulation’s ability to resist heat loss. During the summer, the maximum temperature that Isotherm insulation can reduce is 7°C when installed in a home with no insulation. The amount is dependent on the thickness used.

Save money with isotherm insulation

Homes with Isotherm insulation in the ceilings and around water pipes can save as much 21 percent on their monthly electricity bills. When a homeowner has an Isotherm Johannesburg provider install it in the walls, energy consumption for heating decreases by 40 per cent to 70 per cent. That means the insulation will pay for itself after a short period of time.

Not only do you save money when you have insulation installed, you also save non-renewable resources in the process. Insulation decreases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. You not only save money, but save the environment as well.

So if your home is too hot this summer, consult with an Isotherm Johannesburg specialist. They will determine the weak spots of the home and explain the changes to be made. They will come up with the best solution to keep your home cold even during the peak summer season.


Home Insulations Installers

If you looking for a professional company to install your home insulation, give us a call and get a price on insulation today. We are ceiling insulation suppliers and installers and are experts in this field. We can provide you with a quote to get your home installed with either aerolite or isotherm insulation.

Home Insulations Video

Home Insulations has been South Africa’s number 1 installer for over 25 years! If you are looking for a professional company to install your home insulation with aerolite or isotherm, look no further!

Energy Saving Improvements

Homes and buildings in South Africa are the most poorly insulated in the world at the moment. The new SANS building laws are in the process of changing the energy saving techniques. Most houses and building are wasting up to a third of its energy through poorly insulated roofs, walls and glass. South Africa is wasting so much energy, when we should be doing everything we can to reduce our carbon foot print that is negatively impacting our world’s environment.

Ceiling Insulation – Energy Saving Improvements

We offer a range of insulation products to help save energy consumption for your home or office. If you have a draughty or cold home in winter, your home is very poorly insulated. Running a heater won’t do much except run up your power bill. Remember hot air rises and if you don’t have ceiling insulation installed to retain the heat, it will just escape through the thin rhino board ceilings before it gets a chance to warm up your rooms.

It works the same in summer, heat builds up in your roof very quickly and get forced down through the thin rhino board ceiling and into your home making it unbearable. There is no need to run up your power bill with and air-con units, just use think pink aerolite or isotherm ceiling insulation to counter this problem.

Solar Shield Window Film – Energy Saving Improvements

Ceiling insulation and well insulated glass windows go hand in hand. When you think of solar tinting you think of a summer time product to block out the solar heat that comes through window. Most people don’t know that solar film works just as well in winter. Your window become thermally insulated and the heat you are generating in your home will not escape through the roof or the windows, keeping it cost inside. Insulation products like aerolite, isotherm and solar film will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and help with your energy saving home. Always use home insulation experts to install your products! Visit for more information.

By using these tips for reducing power usage, you could:

  • Have a warmer or cooler home
  • Reduce power bills
  • Have an energy efficient home
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint

Unisa Library

Factorylite installed in Unisa Library Durban

The Unisa Library in Durban is around 1400m2 in size. Home Insulations got the contract to install 50mm factorylite throughout the library. They have been going some upgrading in the library itself and the old insulation was disturbed and the library was extremely hot inside. The students were battling to maintain focus in all that heat. We do many retrofit contract jobs for builders and architects, this was one of them.

Getting Started – Unisa Library

This was not a typical insulation job where the ceiling insulation gets rolled out between the beams. There were no beams to stand on. It was a suspended ceiling with no beams and the material had to follow the contour of the roof. All this needed to be done while the Unisa library was in use by the student which made the installation more complicated. We had to clear out areas below the places we were working, and work one section at a time.

Installing the Factorylite – Unisa Library

The factorylite needs to be wired up in order to stay in place. It also needs to look neat on completion, so making sure all the wires are evenly spaced apart is important for a uniform look. Once all the wires are installed and hanging loosely, the factorylite is fed in from one side, though all the wires to the other end. Only after all the factorylite is secure and in place though all the wires, can you start the tightening process. Wires get pulled from the one side securing the factorylite in place, and we do this one line at a time, always making sure the material between is pulled tight between each wire set for a neat and professional finish.

Completing Unisa Library in Durban

We are ceiling insulation specialists so this installation was no problem for our team. There are not many companies in South Africa that can pull off a retrofit roof insulation job like this, in the short time limit we had to do it in. Working with this material without beams is a difficult task, especially since the Unisa library had to be open for students to use while we were doing it.

Think Pink Aerolite Videos

These ceiling insulation videos, demonstrates how insulation works, both in summer and in winter. Having your home properly insulated, reduces power consumption and keeps your cool in summer and warm in winter. We are professional ceiling insulation installers. South Africas number 1 installer!

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Aerolite Install (Horrific)

We got a phone call from a complex today complaining that their homes were still hot after an aerolite install. The units at this complex had think pink aerolite installed by the builders while the houses where getting built. They were told that aerolite was included in the price of the homes when they bought in the complex. Very few companies are actually OFFICIAL installers for the main suppliers and people need to ask for the official installer status to avoid horrific aerolite installs like the ones we saw today. It was not just installed badly in one unit but EVERY single unit in the complex. Take a look a the photos below…


Professional Aerolite Install

Remember, ALWAYS use a professional company for your aerolite install. We specialize in all kinds of ceiling insulations and see this kind of work done on a regular basis. Most people are not even aware of how the insulation is layed in their roof. You can see from the photos above that huge gaps where left. The beams in this case where around 700mm wide and the aerolite rolls were cut around 600mm wide. In some areas they completely left out a whole line, and most of the aerolite didn’t link up. Ceiling insulation needs to be installed 100% perfect in order for it to do its job properly and keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. There were certain rooms in this customers house that were unbearably hot, and those rooms were the ones with the largest areas not covered. Heat builds up in your roof and gets forced through the gaps making the room below extremely hot. We took some of our own photos after reinstalling the insulation for the customer. Take a look below at how a proper aerolite install should look in your home. Notice there are no gaps left, the aerolite fits snugly between the beams.

Brace yourself for winter

Electricity Crisis this winter

South Africans ought to brace themselves for what may be the foremost troublesome winter as electricity provide remains under pressure. Enterprise Minister Malusi Gigaba was talking about it on Saturday.

“We have all got to be worried about this winter season and how we going to make it through with all the heaters running,” Gigaba had said.

He was chatting with residents in Kliptown, where he was pleading with community members to pay for their electricity and to report non-legal connections.

All this was a part of the 49M energy saving campaign that is in place.

Gigaba urged the general public to continue with basic electricity saving habits like turning off geysers between 17:00 and 21:00.

“We got to start changing our behaviour… rather than over use heaters individuals ought to rather use blankets.”

He told residents that with Eskom reaching forty million new connections last year, it meant by 2017, South Africa would have in place additional power stations to satisfy the growing demand.

“We are very confident that we’ll, in partnership with all South Africans and with additional business’s  taking a stand with the partnership, succeed and maintain the lights on till we have managed to get out of this troublesome scenario,” this is what Gigaba said.

He finally asked residents to watch Earth Hour on Saturday, and join in by turning off lights and appliances between the selected time of 20.30 and 21.30.

Visit News24 for more info!

Installing Roof Insulation

We went inland today installing roof insulation in a couple of houses in PMB, Howick and one in Mooiriver. Think pink aerolite was used in all the homes we insulated today.

The first house we insulated with roof insulation, had quiet a few downlights, which is nothing new for us. When installing roof insulation in a house with downlights, we need to make sure that we cut holes around the lights in order for the heat to escape. We have taken some before and after photos of the roof insulation installed.


After Installing Roof Insulation

This house was 185m2, and we managed to complete the roof insulation in around 1h45m. We installed a geyser blanket (FREE OF CHARGE), all our customers get a free geyser blanket if we install think pink aerolite or isotherm roof insulation in a house 100m2 or more. All the downlights had circles cut around them for the heat to escape, this is important when installing roof insulation because downlights and transformers tend to get warm. The customers were very happy with the installations and our service. Another insulation well done by Home Insulations. Have a look at some of the photos from after installing aerolite roof insulation.




Sound Proofing – Think Pink Aerolite

Sound will be absorbed by converting sound wave vibrations into heat energy. Fibrous insulation like think pink aerolite is definitely the best insulation for soundproofing, because the strands absorb the vibrations, creating heat in exchange. It’s like using an area rug on tiled or hardwood floors, it tames down the noise. Thick curtains have been known to reduce sound volumes by around 10 decibels, when placed strategically.


Think Pink Aerolite – Soundproofing

Think pink aerolite being installed in your ceiling will dampen the noise from your TV in your lounge and you will not hear it as much in your bedrooms. It even helps with the traffic noise from outside, making your living area inside quiet in comparison. It’s as if before you installed aerolite you were living in a noisy restaurant with sound waves bouncing all over the room creating an echo. With think pink aerolite installed your home is quiet and peaceful. Both think pink aerolite and isotherm ceiling insulation have excellent thermal and acoustic properties, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter and saving you money on your electricity bill at the end of the month by reducing your energy consumption. Think pink aerolite and isotherm ceiling insulation are both Eco-friendly.



Ceiling Insulation Gazette

Insulation Gazette

There is a new ceiling insulation gazette, it is now law that all new houses build have to be installed with ceiling insulation. Not just any ceiling insulation, but insulation that meets the required standards, meaning it must be a certain thickness and reach a certain r-value. Read more on this topic on our SANS 10400-XA page. Since the new ceiling insulation gazette, we have been installing think pink aerolite and isotherm ceiling insulation into houses as they are being built, so home-owners will have it installed before they move in and the house is more energy efficient. The new ceiling insulation gazette helps keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter and cuts down electricity costs, saving you money and saving the environment.

Leading Ceiling Insulation Gazette

Aerolite and Isotherm ceiling insulation are the two leading bulk insulation’s on the market. The problem with blow in insulation, is you cant maintain a thickness like you can with ceiling insulation in a roll form. If the wind picks up it can move the blow-in insulation around in you roof changing the thickness of it in areas and therefore losing its effectiveness.




Saving Energy

Innovative Energy Saving

South Africa has a mounting energy crisis which means that we all need to think of innovative ways of saving energy in our homes and of products that can help you save energy and current electricity usage. Buildings typically account for 40% of all energy consumed in South Africa and yet their potential for saving energy is huge. Thermal ceiling insulation must be included in the design of all new buildings. This, in combination with saving energy techniques, makes it possible to save up to 78% of a buildings energy consumption for space heating, cooling and hot water services. The application of this new regulation is good news for the environment and will help with saving energy. By insulating your home you will be able to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the year, costing you less in the long run, and ensuring the comfort of your family.

Take a look at the diagram below, saving energy can be achieved if your house is properly insulated





Vehicles Loaded with aerolite and isotherm


A few photos of our vans loaded up with aerolite and isotherm insulation. Everyday is a busy day with the new sans 10400-xa building laws. By using ceiling insulation in your home, you can reduce your power consumption and save energy. That means you actually putting money back in your pocket!



Soundproofing – Attic Room

Installing ceiling insulation for soundproofing in this upstairs attic room. Walls and ceiling insulated with think pink aerolite. This was around 180m2, the customer was converting the space upstairs into an extra room, but the room was incredibly hot and noisy, so we covered the roof and walls with aerolite and dropped the temperature by around 6 degrees. Take a look at some photos of the installation…


Soundproofing with ceiling insulation

By insulating the walls and ceiling here, we also dampened the outside noise of the near by freeway running next to the property. Aerolite ceiling insulation has excellent sound absorbtion properties, and did an amazing job soundproofing the upstairs area of this house.